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Should Designers Be Liable to Contractors for Drawing Errors?

- 28/07/2014

Todos os que convivem com projetos e construções sabem da dificuldade hoje existente nas diferentes modalidades de projetos…

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São problemas que envolvem desde falhas nos documentos gerados, até mesmo omissões em relação a itens importantes.

Vejam o artigo abaixo publicado pelo ConstructionPro, o qual aponta uma atual discussão sobre a responsabilidade de projetistas e construtores.


From: ConstructionPro Network

By: Bruce Jervis

Here is the link for the original publication.

It has long been controversial: Should design professionals be directly liable to construction contractors for deficiencies in the drawings and specifications? There are arguments on each side. On one hand, contractors necessarily rely on the design documents when bidding and performing the work. And, the architect or engineer knows there will be reliance on these representations. On the other hand, the design professional contracts with the project owner, not the constructors. The designer’s responsibilities – and liabilities – are to the owner.

The Texas Supreme Court recently came down on the latter side of this argument. Contractors cannot recover in negligence from design professionals for economic losses caused by errors in the drawings and specifications. The court said risk and responsibility on construction projects is customarily allocated by a chain of contracts. Liability in negligence to non-contracting parties would upset this carefully negotiated balance. A contractor “must look to its agreement with the owner for damages if the project is not as represented.”

In so ruling, the Texas high court noted – and documented – that precedent on this question is fairly evenly divided among the states. There clearly are two persuasive arguments to be made. Yet, the court failed to acknowledge that on public works contracts, the contractor has no opportunity to negotiate the allocation of risk. Where do you stand? I welcome your comments.

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